A Wicked Ghost


Release Date: November 4, 1999

Original name: 山村老屍

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 25m

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A group of friends decide to do a ritual to contact the spirit world, but things go bad and a spirit actually appears. One by one the group of friends die, one of them who is not affected by the spirit tries to uncover the truth behind the ghost. He is joined by his sister and a friend who is familiar with the occult. They soon find out that the ghost targets people from a certain village where 66 people died long ago. They desperately try to find a solution to appease the spirit.

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A Wicked Ghost is a 1999 Hong Kong horror film directed by Leung Hung-wah, starring Francis Ng, Gigi Lai, Gabriel Harrison, Edward Mok, Nelson Ngai and Celia Sze. It was followed by A Wicked Ghost II: The Fear in 2000 and A Wicked Ghost III: The Possession in 2002.