Release Date: October 14, 2018

Status: Canceled

Seasons: 4

Episodes: 72

Running time: 45m

Content Rating: TV-14

Filming Locations: Vancouver, Canada

/ 10
33 User Ratings
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Set in the fictional college town of Hilltowne, Charmed follows the lives of three sisters, Macy, Mel and Maggie Vera who, after the tragic death of their mother, discover they are three of the most powerful witches of all time.

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Charmed is an American fantasy drama television series developed by Jennie Snyder Urman, Jessica O'Toole, and Amy Rardin. It is a reboot of the WB series of the same name, created by Constance M. Burge, which originally aired from 1998 to 2006. Charmed premiered in the United States on October 14, 2018, on The CW. Carter Covington served as showrunner for the first season, before married duo Liz Kruger and Craig Shapiro took over for the second and third seasons. Jeffrey Lieber, Joey Falco, and Nicki Renna replaced Kruger and Shapiro as showrunners for the fourth season.

The first three seasons follow the lives of sisters Macy (Madeleine Mantock), Mel (Melonie Diaz) and Maggie (Sarah Jeffery), who, after the death of their mother, discover they are the Charmed Ones, the most powerful trio of good witches destined to protect both innocent lives and the world from demons and other dark forces. Each sister has an individual magical power, which is noticeably stronger when all three sisters work together as the "Power of Three" to defeat their enemies. The sisters are aided by a Whitelighter, Harry Greenwood (Rupert Evans), an advisor who protects and guides witches.

The reboot is known for being more diverse than the original series by casting three women of color in the lead roles, and for its LGBT representation by making one of the sisters a lesbian. Urman explained that television viewers already "had a chance to see three white witches" on the original Charmed, and that she was adamant on developing a different version of the series where people of color and the LGBT community could see themselves represented onscreen and "be the hero of the story". The reboot sparked controversy from some cast members and fans of the original Charmed; Holly Marie Combs and Alyssa Milano both criticized The CW's decision to reboot the series without any involvement from the original cast or crew, while fans campaigned via Twitter to stop the network from moving forward with the pilot episode.

The first season of Charmed, which aired on Sundays, helped The CW return to original programming on Sunday nights for the first time since the 2008–09 U.S. television season. Charmed was renewed for a fourth season in February 2021, which premiered on March 11, 2022. In May 2022, it was announced that the fourth season would be its final season.


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