Damián Dreizik

Damián Dreizik

Known for: Acting
Birthday: 1966-05-14 (56 years old)

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Damián Andrés Dreizik (born May 14, 1966 in Buenos Aires, Argentina) is an Argentine actor, screenwriter and theatre director. He worked in the Parakultural theatre group with Carlos Belloso, during the 1980s. He acted in Rapado (1992), the film that founded the New Argentine Cinema, and wrote the script of the successful film Flying Birds (2010). From 1987 to 1995, he was part of the duo Los Melli with Carlos Belloso and presented the following works: Los Melli in the Parakultural, Here are my muñones, The guilt of the most ugly, Palomitas everywhere, Welcome to the planet Melli and The cursed bill. In addition, he wrote and acted in Samuel's Nursery in 1997, in the Ana Itelman room and directed Mozos in 1999 in the Sala de La Paternal In 2000 he starred alongside Vanessa Weinberg Negra matinée, work based on the film Furia infernal, by Armando Bo and following with the same cycle he premiered Fiebre, based on another film by the above-mentioned film director. In 2002, he premiered as author and director The Machine to Deny Bulls in the Camarín de las musas. During 2003 he performed at Comic Stand Up in the Complejo La Plaza. He also made several roles in cinema, in "Do you know swim? by Diego Kaplan, Autumn Sun by Eduardo Mignogna, The Soupa by María Victoria Menis, Herencia de Paula Hernández y Pájaros flying from Néstor Montalbano, among others. On television he participated in several programs, among which stand out "Son or are made?", Delicatessen, All by two pesos, Discputes, Wids and children of rock and roll and loco by you.


Known for


1966-05-14 (56 years old)

Place of birth
Buenos Aires, Argentina


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Damián Dreizik
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Damián Dreizik
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Damián Dreizik
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Damián Dreizik
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Damián Dreizik
Damián Dreizik
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