Durval Records

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Release Date: March 27, 2002

Original name: Durval Discos

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 36m

Filming Locations: São Paulo, Brazil


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Durval and his mother Carmita live at the back of "Durval Discos", a record store they own in São Paulo, specializing in vinyl records. They lead a boring and unattractive life, until the day Durval hires a maid, Celia, to help his mother with the housekeeping. However, on her second day, Celia goes away leaving a 5-year-old child behind, Kiki, and a note promising to be back in a couple of days. Durval and Celia are charmed by the child at first, but soon they see some sad news about Celia and Kiki on TV that will change the whole situation.

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Durval Discos is a 2002 Brazilian film by Anna Muylaert shot in Pinheiros, a borough of São Paulo. The film is noticeable for its soundtrack made up of 1970s Brazilian music that reflects the protagonist's taste, as he is himself a hippie, as well as André Abujamra's original score, more present in the film's second, darker half. The shift of mood from the first part to the second was advertised as life's A and B sides, a reference to the film's homage to LPs. Abujamra makes a small comical appearance as the character Fat Marley and Brazilian rock singer Rita Lee also has a brief cameo as an eccentric customer who forgets to take the vinyl she has just bought. Some of the records shown in the store include Caetano Veloso's white, signed 1969 album and Tim Maia's Racional, a two-volume album highly sought in Brazil due to its cult status.
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