Sherlock Holmes

Mystery · 

Release Date: March 7, 1922

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 25m

Content Rating: NR

Filming Locations: London, United Kingdom

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2 User Ratings

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Sherlock Holmes is a master at solving the most impenetrable mysteries, but he has his work cut out for him on his latest case. Prince Alexis is accused of a theft that he insists he didn’t commit. The evidence is stacked against him, but Holmes’ trusted friend, Dr. Watson, vouches for the prince. As the famed detective investigates, he’s brought face to face with his most devious adversary yet — Professor Moriarty.

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sherlock holmes
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Sherlock Holmes (released as Moriarty in the UK) is a 1922 American silent mystery drama film starring John Barrymore as Sherlock Holmes and Roland Young as Dr. John Watson.The movie, which features the screen debuts of both William Powell (credited as William H. Powell) and Roland Young, was directed by Albert Parker. It was written by Earle Browne and Marion Fairfax from the 1899 play by William Gillette and Arthur Conan Doyle based upon Doyle's characters, and was produced by Goldwyn Pictures Corporation.The film was considered lost for decades, but was rediscovered in the mid-1970s and restored by George Eastman House.


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