Doraemon: Nobita Drifts in the Universe

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Release Date: March 6, 1999

Original name: 映画ドラえもん のび太の宇宙漂流記

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 33m

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The film is a parody of the Star Wars original trilogy. In the film, Doraemon and friends find themselves in an interstellar war where an army (based on the Galactic Empire) is trying to take over Earth. Of course, our heroes joins another army (based on the Rebel Alliance) to stop the antagonists.

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Doraemon: Nobita Drifts in the Universe (ドラえもん のび太の宇宙漂流記, Doraemon: Nobita no Uchū Hyōryūki) is the 1999 Japanese animated epic space opera film. It is the second Doraemon film released after Hiroshi Fujimoto's departure, based on the 19 volume of the same name of the Doraemon Long Stories series. This is the third movie solely produced by Fujiko Production following The Record of Nobita's Parallel Visit to the West (1988) and Nobita's Great Adventure in the South Seas (1998). This movie commemorates the 20th anniversary of the Doraemon film series. It was released on March 6, 1999, together with Doraemon: Nobita's the Night Before a Wedding and Funny Candy of Okashinana!?. It is the 20th Doraemon film.

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