The Secret


Release Date: April 19, 1992

Status: Released

Running time: 2h

Filming Locations: Nova Scotia · Colony of Nova Scotia, Canada


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Mostly on account of a pride struggle, Mike Dunmore has lived his whole life keeping a secret which he believed would only cause shame if it came to light. Personal relationships with his son Patrick have been strained as a result. The only ones who ever knew anything about it were his deceased wife and his best friend, Thurgood who he works with, who both agreed to help keep it covered up for him as long as they could. However, when his treasured grandson begins experiencing the same problems, Mike realizes that he can't hide his secret any longer, or if he tried to, it would be most difficult. Even more so when he is endorsed and volunteers to run as a candidate for local election.

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The Secret is 1992 American made-for-television drama film starring Kirk Douglas and Jesse R. Tendler about a grandfather and his grandson who both struggle with dyslexia. The film originally aired on CBS on April 19, 1992.


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