The Bugs Bunny Mystery Special


Release Date: October 26, 1980

Status: Released

Running time: 24m

Content Rating: NR

/ 10
10 User Ratings
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Warner Bros. Television


F.B.I. and C.I.A. agent Elmer Fudd is after a tall, dark, stranger who robbed a bank. He gets him confused with Bugs Bunny...the chase is on.

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The Bugs Bunny Mystery Special is an animated television special that was broadcast on CBS October 26, 1980. Presented by Porky Pig as an Alfred Hitchcock-style whodunit, the plot is modeled after those of North by Northwest and The Fugitive.Like most Looney Tunes specials of the time, this program consists of clips from classic cartoons with some new original animation holding them together.