Colleen Stan: The Girl in the Box

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In the first hour of the two-part back-to-back special, Colleen Stan: The Girl in the Box, kidnapping survivor Colleen Stan tells the story of her seven-year ordeal. Abducted by a sadistic predator and his wife, she was brainwashed, tortured, and largely confined to a coffin-size box. From the very spot where she was first picked up, Colleen provides a riveting first-hand account. She explains how a slavery contract prevented her from running, and how mind control prevented her from going to police even once she was free. In the second hour learn how Colleen embraces freedom, but no matter how much she wants to move on, the past won't go away. When she eventually took the stand at her abductor's trial, she found herself portrayed as a willing participant. Evil may cast a long shadow, but faith and family ultimately allowed Colleen to reclaim her identity and find her mission.

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