Ein Leben lang


Release Date: January 26, 2022

Status: In Production


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A house by the lake, very close to Berlin: here the former hit star Arthur Weyer (Henry Hübchen), 75, and his ten years younger wife Elsa (Corinna Kirchhoff) spent many happy hours. But that was a long time ago. Four years ago the couple separated – Arthur had fallen in love with a much younger woman. This relationship failed since Arthur became ill with dementia. Despite all the bitterness, Elsa still feels responsible for Arthur and takes care of a place in a nursing home. In order to finance this, the house on the lake has to be sold – but against Arthur's will. The two Sorin (Eugen Knecht) are involved in the demolition and repair. Sorin and Arthur are immediately dazzling. First of all, there are violent clashes between Elsa and Sorin. However, Elsa and Sorin are slowly getting closer to each other. All of a sudden, things are being raised that have been suppressed for years.

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Currently Ein Leben lang is available for streaming online, rent, buy or watch for free on: EntertainTV

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