The Children Thief


Release Date: September 25, 1991

Original name: Le voleur d'enfants

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 50m

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Although he was once a colonel in Argentina, the principal character in this film is now a wealthy exile living in Paris with his beloved wife, who has been unable to bear children. To fill this void in their lives, he feeds and clothes abandoned children, raising them in his mansion as if they were his own. As would never be the case in real life today, in this fantasized story set in 1925, no one objects to this behavior, and they live pleasantly and enjoyably together. Things grow considerably more animated when a stage magician places his very attractive daughter in the colonel's household, which stirs a lively romantic interest from his boys and from the great man himself.

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The Children Thief (French: Le Voleur d'enfants) is a 1991 French drama film directed by Christian de Chalonge.
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