Miss Lettie and Me


Release Date: December 8, 2002

Status: Released

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Life does a 180-degree turn for bitter spinster Lettie (Mary Tyler Moore) when she takes in her 9-year-old grandniece, Travis (Holliston Coleman), in this Emmy Award-winning movie. Confused by her aunt's cold treatment, Travis attempts to uncover the reason for Lettie's self-imposed seclusion by befriending farmhand Isaiah (Charles Robinson) and Lettie's former beau Sam (Burt Reynolds). Can the three reawaken Lettie's long-gone love of life?

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Miss Lettie and Me is a 2002 American made-for-television drama film starring Mary Tyler Moore and Burt Reynolds. It is based on Katherine Paterson's short story "Poor Little Innocent Lamb". The film premiered in TNT on December 8, 2002.