Bridge to Silence

Romance · 

Release Date: April 9, 1989

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 40m


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A woman with a hearing problem tries to get het life back together after a car accident that killed her husband.

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woman director


Bridge to Silence is a 1989 American TV movie starring Lee Remick and Marlee Matlin. It was one of Remick's last performance.Remick called Matlin " a wonderful actress. She's so open and kind of instinctive and free . . . curious. It was an interesting experience, which I had some concern about. When I started I thought, you know, what's it going to be like for the two of us to communicate? I do not have sign language at my beck and call. But we did. It was terrific."The movie was filmed in Toronto and directed by Karen Arthur. It was the first time Remick had worked with a female director. "Interesting working with a woman," she said. "Not that it's different in terms of her work, she's doing the same thing as men do, but I've just never been in that position. Directors have always been kind of father figures. It's interesting. It's wonderful. She's terrific."

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