National III


Release Date: December 6, 1982

Original name: Nacional III

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 42m


Nacional III is a Spanish comedy film from 1982 directed by Luis García Berlanga and written by him together with Rafael Azcona, the third part of the trilogy about the Leguineche family after La escopeta nacional (1978) and Patrimonio nacional (1981).It was shot in Madrid, Ciudad Real and Biarritz (France), and tells the story of how, after the coup d'état of 23 February and the imminent electoral victory of the Socialists, the Leguineche decide to take their money out of Spain to protect it. He proposed to make a fourth part about the Leguineche saga, but was frustrated for various reasons. Rafael Azcona and Luis Garcia Berlanga decided to shoot La vaquilla (another film about the Spanish Civil War) first, and the death of the main actor in the saga, Luis Escobar Kirkpatrick, put an end to the project.

The National Shotgun Collection.

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