Das Geheimnis der chinesischen Nelke


Release Date: October 8, 1964

Status: Released


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Professor Baxter has worked with his assistant Wilkinson for many years to develop a new formula for pollution-free energy production. Now both Mr. Sheridan's oil company and a refined underworld organization, which has its headquarters in the club "Chinese Carnation", are after the microfilm containing the corresponding formula. Baxter sends the film to his niece Susan and is murdered shortly afterwards. Soon none of the people involved seem to trust the other, everyone suspects each other.

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The Secret of the Chinese Carnation (German: Das Geheimnis der chinesischen Nelke, Italian: Il segreto del garofano cinese) is a 1964 German-Italian krimi eurospy film directed by Rudolf Zehetgruber and starring Paul Dahlke, Olga Schoberová, Klaus Kinski and Dietmar Schönherr. It is based on a novel by Louis Weinert-Wilton, one of four film adaptations of his work released in the wake of the commercial success of Rialto Film's Edgar Wallace series.It was shot at the Barrandov Studios in Prague and on location in the city. The film's sets were designed by the art director Otto Renelt.

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