Edge of Hell


Release Date: July 18, 1956

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 18m


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In this heart-warming drama, a beggar and his performing dog, Flip, struggle to eke out a living upon the cruel streets. He is hired to perform at a rich kid's birthday party. There, the beggar is offered $500 for his beloved dog. He refuses and again hits the streets. Soon he becomes so impoverished that he can no longer provide food for his four-legged friend; he sells him for $20. The beggar is then beaten and robbed. Later he learns that Flip died. The man soon follows the dog to heaven where they begin performing for God.

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Edge of Hell is a 1956 American drama film produced, written and directed by Hugo Haas. The film stars Hugo Haas, Francesca De Scaffa, June Shelley, Jeffrey Stone, Ken Carlton and Syra Marty. The film was shot in 1953 under the title Tender Hearts. The film was given a more lurid exploitation title when it was picked up by Universal-International Pictures and released on July 18, 1956.
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