Ubalda, All Naked and Warm


Release Date: October 12, 1972

Original name: Quel gran pezzo dell'Ubalda tutta nuda e tutta calda

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 31m

/ 10
4 User Ratings

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During the Middle Ages, a clumsy knight returns home where his wife awaits him. Sensuous and beautiful, she has attracted several male admirers during his absence, but her chastity belt has maintained her faithfulness. Now is her chance to wrest the key from him and enjoy herself. The knight’s portly friend has a similar problem with his equally gorgeous wife. And to top it off, both men have designs on the other’s wife — leading them to devise painful methods to discourage the other from trespassing.

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Quel gran pezzo dell'Ubalda tutta nuda e tutta calda, internationally released as Ubalda, All Naked and Warm (though translated to Spanish as "Ubalda la hermosa, ardiente y fogosa") is a 1972 Italian comedy film directed by Mariano Laurenti. It gained a great commercial success and launched the "commedia sexy all'italiana" genre. Walter Veltroni defined the film a "cult-title" and a title which is "a piece of Italian history".The main actors Edwige Fenech and Pippo Franco were reunited for the similar Giovannona Long-Thigh, released the following year.
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