Basta un niente


Release Date: March 31, 2006

Status: Released


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Rosario, Ivo and Peppe are friends for the skin, and to maintain this bond there is the swing: the three forty years are in fact a small and not too well in arnese musical band, always in search of a singer and a decent engagement. Besides this friendship, they also have private lives, none too exciting: Rosario is the guardian of the cemetery, has a daughter lobotomized in front of the TV and a wife in crisis who courts a colleague professor of mathematics; Ivo, postman and fisherman, has been abandoned by his wife for a year, but he cannot accept it; Peppe, the "scapaphemine" - who actually has more than some erectile problem with his "donnes" - lives on the shoulders of the grandfather, who tries to confine himself in a clinic despite bursts of health. It is right here that the grandfather is stringing with a jeweler worried about having left the shop in hand to the disabled son.

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The film Just a Nothing was directed by Ivan Polidoro and was released in March of 2006

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