Case Study: LSD


Release Date: December 31, 1969

Status: Released

Running time: 4m

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A young girl relates what happened during her first LSD trip, when – among other things – her food began talking to her.

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Case Study: LSD is a 1969 anti-drug documentary film produced by Lockheed Corporation. It is one of four anti-drug "case study" shorts produced by Lockheed. Featuring a scene with a hallucinated talking hot dog, it has been described as "backed by strange psychedelic visuals and free of preaching and pat conclusions", "comically exaggerated", "unintentionally funny" "This Is Your Wiener On Drugs" (referencing the 1980s Partnership for a Drug-Free America This Is Your Brain on Drugs campaign), and sarcastically credited for "kickstarting the vegetarian craze".The short is part of Fantoma Films' The Educational Archives ephemeral film DVD series in the Sex & Drugs collection.