Beyond Witch Mountain

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Release Date: February 20, 1982

Status: Released

Running time: 48m


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Made for TV movie and third Witch Mountain installment of the continuing exploits of the alien kids Tony and Tia. After news of the boy's amazing abilities surfaces Tony and Tia are sent to go find him knowing that the boy must be from their world. They are joined by an old friend Jason O'Day and a black cat named Winky. Together they race to find the boy before their old nemesis Aristotle Bolt does.

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"Beyond Witch Mountain" is a 1982 American made-for-television science fiction-fantasy film and a sequel to Escape to Witch Mountain (1975) and is the third installment in the Witch Mountain franchise. Although Eddie Albert returned to play Jason O'Day from the original 1975 movie, the parts of Tony and Tia were recast with actors comparable in age to Ike Eisenmann and Kim Richards when they first played the parts. Tracey Gold from Growing Pains played Tia, and Andy Freeman played Tony. The parts of Aristotle Bolt, Lucas Deranian and Uncle Bené were also recast. Beyond Witch Mountain was broadcast on CBS as an episode of Walt Disney on February 20, 1982.The film totally contradicts and ignores the 1978 sequel Return from Witch Mountain, because in that film, Tia and Tony are of teenage years, Uncle Bené is still alive, and in both of the original movies, Tony had to answer Tia verbally—he did not have the power to speak through his mind. In Beyond Witch Mountain, Tia and Tony are around the same age from the first movie, Uncle Bené dies early in the film, and as previously mentioned, Tony can talk to Tia mentally.

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