Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection


Release Date: August 24, 1990

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 51m

Content Rating: R

Revenue: $6,698,361

Filming Locations: Philippines

/ 10
38 User Ratings

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When DEA agents are taken captive by a ruthless South American kingpin, the Delta Force is reunited to rescue them in this sequel to the 1986 film.

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action hero
organized crime
undercover agent
martial arts
gun battle
drug cartel
delta force
secret mission

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Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection is a 1990 American action film, and a sequel to the 1986 Chuck Norris film The Delta Force, also starring Norris as Major Scott McCoy. It is the second installment in The Delta Force film series. In this film, McCoy leads his Delta team into the fictional South American country of San Carlos to rescue hostages and stop the flow of cocaine into the United States. Delta Force 2: The Colombian Connection was disliked by critics for sparse connections to its predecessor, a clichéd script, subpar acting, and similarities to the earlier Norris vehicle Missing in Action.

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