Another 9 1/2 Weeks

Romance · 

Release Date: June 12, 1997

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 45m

Content Rating: R

Filming Locations: Austria · Paris, France · New York City, United States of America

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John flies over to Paris to find out his girlfriend Elizabeth. He finds a mysterious fashion designer named Lea and her assistant Claire, and it turns out that Lea was Elizabeth's friend in Paris. Lea says to John that Elizabeth married and moved away. The passion starts to appear between John and Lea, when Lea's business partner Vittorio tells John another version of Elizabeth's fate.

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Love in Paris (released as Another 9+1⁄2 Weeks in the United States) is a 1997 American erotic romantic drama film. It is a sequel to the 1986 film 9+1⁄2 Weeks. Mickey Rourke stars, reprising his original role as John Gray. Angie Everhart co-stars. This sequel was directed by Anne Goursaud and was released directly to video in the United States, receiving poor reviews.

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