The Immortal One


Release Date: March 27, 1963

Original name: L'Immortelle

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 42m


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A melancholy man meets a stunning, mysterious woman while he is traveling, and discovers she may or may not be involved in a prostitution ring. She disappears after their relationship lasts a few days, and though he searches for her, those around him pretend not to know who he is speaking of.

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L'Immortelle is a 1963 international co-produced drama film directed by Alain Robbe-Grillet, his first feature after the worldwide success of Last Year at Marienbad which he wrote. Entered into the 13th Berlin International Film Festival, it also won the Prix Louis Delluc.

Set in Istanbul, it tells the story of a withdrawn man falling hopelessly in love with an attractive and sexy woman who will not reveal her identity. While the two speak French to each other, the other characters mostly speak unsubtitled Turkish. Using a non-linear structure, intercut with memories and fantasies, neither the characters nor the viewers can be sure of what is portrayed and must reach their own understanding.

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