Two Brothers in Trinity


Release Date: April 26, 1972

Original name: Jesse & Lester - Due fratelli in un posto chiamato Trinità

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 37m

Budget: $80,000


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Charming, blithely amoral devil-may-care rogue Jesse Smith and peaceful, devout straight-arrow Mormon Lester O'Hara are estranged half brothers who are reunited after receiving a sizable inheritance from their deceased mother. The wildly contrasting mismatched duo get into all sorts of trouble while trying to claim said inheritance. Written by Woodyanders

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Two Brothers in Trinity or Two Brothers in a Place Called Trinity (Italian: Jesse & Lester - Due fratelli in un posto chiamato Trinità) is a 1972 Italian Spaghetti Western low comedy film directed by Renzo Genta and Richard Harrison, and produced by Fernando Piazza. It was originally called Due Fratelli (Two Brothers). It stars Gino Marturano, Luciano Rossi, and Osiride Pevarello.In this film the half brothers pair Jesse and Lester converges to lay their hands and what keepst them together is their inherited mind, as between Hallelujah and Sartana in Alleluja e Sartana, figli di... Dio (1972), the hero and the monk in Tedeum (1972) and Slim and the pizza baker/preacher in Posate le pistole... reverendo (1971).

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