Where Is Enohp Located?

Romance · 

Release Date: November 7, 1987

Original name: Где находится нофелет?

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 18m


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Forty-year-old researcher Pavel is still single. And not because he likes to be free and unmarried, but because he is very indecisive - he does not know how to meet girls. Pavel’s parents are sounding the alarm - they really want to give their son "in good hands" and see their grandchildren. But he doesn’t like those girls whom Pavel’s mother is wooing. And then one day a master takes over - a cheerful, battered and excessively sociable brother of Pavel — Gennady. He has in his arsenal one effective way to get acquainted with any girl he likes, to interest her in his persona. Gennady is getting into a rage so much that he almost gets married, forgetting about the watchful wife, who always stands guard over their long marriage.

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Where is the Nophelet? (Russian: Где находится нофелет?, romanized: Gde nakhoditsa nofelet?) is a Soviet 1988 romantic comedy directed by Gerald Bezhanov.

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