The Savage Seven

Crime · 

Release Date: May 1, 1968

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 34m


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Dick Clark Productions


Biker gang leader Kisum (Adam Roarke) loves waitress Marcia Little Hawk (Joanna Frank). Her brother Johnnie Little Hawk (Robert Walker, Jr.), the leader of a group of American Indians disapproves. At various times these two groups are adversaries and allies. The two groups join forces but crooked businessmen scheme to have them at each other's throats again. The theme song "Anyone for Tennis" is by Cream. The Iron Butterfly are heard playing their classic "Iron Butterfly Theme." Producer Dick Clark and director Richard Rush made "Psych-Out" earlier in the year.

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The Savage Seven is a 1968 outlaw biker exploitation film directed by Richard Rush, who had directed the previous year's Hells Angels on Wheels. Rush agreed to direct The Savage Seven in exchange for the opportunity to make the psychedelic film Psych-Out.Penny Marshall appears in one of her earliest screen roles.
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